Advisors and Directors

YERC is advised and directed by a group of highly capable people.

Board of Directors:

  • Steve Attell
    Hopkins Marine Lab, Monterey
    Retired Stanford University
  • Robert (Bob) Crabtree
    Chief Scientist and Founder, YERC
    Research Professor, University of Montana
    Adjunct Professor, University of Victoria
  • Terry Leers
    Director of Studies at The Institute for Spirituality and Healthcare
    Former Boeing Executive and Program Leader
  • Michael Sutton
    Project Manager, Pacific Flyway Center
    Former President, California Fish & Game Commission
    Former Vice President, Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Peter Van Voris
    President, Van Voris and Associates, LLC
    Retired Research Scientist (Ecologist), Battelle PNNL
    Retired Senior Advisor Defense & Intelligence Agencies

Yellowstone Science Advisory Council:

  • Edward (Oz) Garton - University of Idaho
  • Matt Holloran - Operational Conservation, LLC
  • Shengli Huang - USDA Forest Service
  • Hannah Jaicks - City University of New York
  • John Kerekes - Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Andrew Marcus - University of Oregon
  • Chris Mowry - Berry College
  • Paul Moorcroft - Harvard University
  • Jack Norland - North Dakota State University
  • Christopher Potter - NASA-Ames Research Center
  • Jack Stanford - University of Montana
  • Adrian Treves - University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Cathy Whitlock - Montana State University
  • Kenneth Wilson - Colorado State University
  • Subhash Lele - University of Alberta