High Tech Landscapes

Systems ecology requires understanding processes across a landscape. Traditionally, landscape scale analysis required large and expensive field campaigns. Over the previous 30 years rapidly advancing technology has provided tools to perform similar landscape scale analysis from the comfort of a desk. Powerful computers, satellite sensors, LiDAR, advanced aerial imagery, drones, and GPS are a few of the recent tools developed to measure ecological processes across landscapes large and small.

Yellowstone Ecological Research Center has been on the cutting-edge of technology since the mid 1990's. YERC has been involved with remote sensing campaigns collecting terabytes of data and using advanced computer processing to evaluate this data. Whether it is supporting experimental flights using confidential Department of Defense sensors or contracting our own flights with premier remote sensing companies, YERC's prowess and experience working with remote sensing data sets us a apart from many Ecological Research Centers.

Currently, YERC is working on a variety of high-tech projects using both satellite based sensors and aerial platforms to answer ecological questions across North America. The topics range from modeling net primary productivity across North America to high resolution riparian change in Yellowstone National Park's Northern Range. Use the controls below to learn more about YERC's high tech landscapes.