Tools and products developed by YERC

One of the best ways researchers can collaborate with one another is to share data and resources so that science is more efficient and solutions are provided faster. At YERC, we provide data products, management tools, and analysis software for download, free of charge; all part of our commitment to collaboration and getting the best science to the decision-makers who need it. From tools like COASTER, which parses down monstrous continental-scale, multi-decade, high resolution datasets to make them manageable on a researcher's laptop, to EAGLES, which brings high power modeling into the hands of managers and policy-makers, our Products are just another way we share the best of YERC and Yellowstone with other ecosystems around the world.



Customized Online Aggregation & Summarization Tool for Environmental Rasters



Ecosystem Assessment, Geospatial Analysis & Landscape Evaluation System



Interact with climate and disturbance data online