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Hundreds of peer-reviewed publications, technical reports, master's theses and doctoral dissertations borne out of YERC's data, analyses, and collaborations stand testament to our long establishment and commitment to sharing and applying what we learn. These Publications—either written by YERC staff or supported by YERC research—can be searched by author, year, and topic, while short, easy-to-read abstracts of some of our favorite and most interesting past publications—along with links to the full articles—can also be read here. And please check back here as we update and publish the results from our Current projects.

Featured Publications


Evaluation of modelled net primary production using MODIS and landsat satellite data fusion

Steven Jay et al.
Journal of Carbon Balance and Management


Changes in Alaskan Tundra Ecosystems Estimated from MODIS Greenness Trends.

Christopher Potter et al.
Journal of Geophysics & Remote Sensing


Customized Online Aggregation & Summarization Tool for Environmental Rasters (COASTER)

Daniel Weiss et al
Journal of Geographic Information Systems

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